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As such, it comes into being in a peculiar social form.Fascism countenances that religiosity that stems from sexual perversion, and it transforms the masochistic character of the old patriarchal religion of suffering into a sadistic religion.When Steiner was still alive the Russian philosopher Nikolai Berdyajev noted: "Some anthroposophists impressed me as possessed. When they uttered the words: 'The Doctor (i.e., Steiner) says...' the expression of their eyes changed, the face became different and it was impossible to continue the conversation.

It had no other means at its disposal than the rousing and cultivation of slavery to authority, the basic precondition of which is ascetic, sex-negating education."Fascism is supposed to be a reversion to paganism and an archenemy of religion.Far from it - fascism is the supreme expression of religious mysticism.The hidden motive behind these slogans was to unleash brutality and make it ready for use in imperialistic wars.Sadism originates from ungratified orgastic yearnings. The facade is inscribed with such names as 'comradeship,' 'honor,' 'voluntary discipline.' Concealed behind the facade, we find secret revolt, depression to the point of rebellion, owing to the hindrance of every expression of personal life, especially of sexuality" (2).

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