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For those who want to explore this city for a night of gambling, drinking and sex, beware.

Safe intercourse is not something that is practiced often and sexually transmitted diseases are in abundance.

It also increased the rate of sexual activity between foreigners and locals.

Unfortunately, there will be no more Love Parades in coming years, after the tragedy that cost the lives of 21 people back in 2010.

The students all agreed that they felt much more at ease in taking part in sexual activities there rather than at home.

Films and television shows openly entertain the lifestyle of non-romantic sexual encounters while the western world is embracing the trend.

Currently most of the studies done on this topic make use of college students, seeing as most of these activities tend to take place around campus.

Numerous experts blame the casual sex movement for puberty being reached much earlier and the increase of sexual activity in teens.

Ranging from ages 18 to 64, 82% confessed to having at least one such experience.Many tourists make their way to this capital simply because there is no discrimination of sexual preference, hence the perfect setting for casual sex.1989 was the inception of their ever-exotic annual Love Parade.Due to its late development, religions are vague about the guidelines and don't really give clear views on the subject.Very few religions like Wicca promote a healthy sex life without concern about marriage or romantic relationships.

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