American samoan dating

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According to oral tradition, Samoa shares the common Polynesian ancestor of Tagaloa.The Samoan Islands were first settled some 3,500 years ago as part of the Austronesian expansion.Samoa's early and more current history is strongly connected with the histories of Tonga and Fiji, which are in the same region, and with whom it shares historical, genealogical, and cultural traditions.The very earliest history of Samoa concerns a political center in the easternmost Samoan islands of Manu'a, under the rule of the Tui Manu'a.In the Cook Islands to the east, the tradition is that Karika, or Tui Manu'a 'Ali'a, came to the Cook Islands from Manu'a; suggesting that it was from Manu'a and Samoa that the rest of Polynesia developed.

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