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They read obscure telephone company technical journals.” Legend has it that one hacker took a prize whistle out of a Captain Crunch box and, realizing it blew at the same frequency that indicated payment for long-distance calls, used the whistle to make free calls around the world, earning him the moniker Captain Crunch.(Apple co-founders Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak so admired Captain Crunch they hunted him down for a meeting.) Sean* loved these nerd hobbyists. “The people coding things for fun in their basement.” Sean was a good, self-effacing storyteller with a gentle voice and he leaned forward as if to apologize for his height.After a couple hours of swiping on Bumble not so very long ago, I had exactly one decent match, a programmer in San Francisco.He had an honest face slung on two good cheekbones, and he posed with acceptable-enough props (guitar, martini, ’90s-era Macintosh). After a back-and-forth about the game , he suggested we hang out.Over drinks, he told me that he had grown up poor in rural Michigan and that hacking in the early days of the internet had saved him.He moved to the Bay Area after high school, hoping to be near his tech idols, the “Phone Phreaks” he’d read about on the internet.Sean then modified the Tinder location data so that men in New York or San Francisco were led to believe that Haley was on the opposite coast. They either thought Tinder was buggy and fucking with them (“Must be a glitch in the app. Or they thought their correspondent was buggy and fucking with them.While users readily doubted the app, and one another, they never considered the third explanation: that a skinny Midwesterner in a jean jacket was fucking with them — and recording their conversations.

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It was the guy looking for a hookup.” And those guys cut to the chase, thrilled at how down “Haley” was to sext, thrusting their way through any miscommunication. Without that, there’s no hilarity.” When he first told me this, I kept repeating, “That’s hilarious,” mostly in disbelief at how easily he’d broken into Tinder. This was the utopia of heterosexual males dating heterosexual males: a world where no one was offended by an overture like “Meet. One of them brought beer to Sean’s house after work just for the privilege of watching it in real time. Sean’s favorite exchange unfolded during one of those evenings: a restaurant manager and a chef who had overlapped at Saison, a Michelin-star restaurant, marveled at one another’s culinary credentials and tried to place one another.

But tech is made by humans, and will be surveilled by humans.

After a week of his hack, Sean told me, he decided too many people were getting hurt. He told me that, as with the Phone Phreaks, he had started with a technological curiosity. Applied to language, a Markov chain is an algorithm that draws on a database of source material (a “dictionary”) and analyzes the material’s linguistic patterns in order to generate predictive phrases and sentences (think of your phone’s predictive text).

Conversations streamed in, around 400 of them unfurling between the most unlikely people, the effect something like same-sex Tinder chat roulette. I have a beard and tattoos and all the other male stuff. But I looked at my profile and all the pictures are of me and I’m Sean told me the dictionary’s imperfections were deliberate. The first night they ran the program, Haley and Sean laughed hysterically.

“There was a certain breed of guy that this really worked on,” Sean told me. “If it were perfect, it wouldn’t be interesting,” he explained. ” To which the man he had matched with replied, “Everything sounds good!! ” Two men even engaged in some consensual S&M role-playing, a fantasy built on a fantasy: If you grow on me, I may not fancy killing you. It was thrilling to know he had orchestrated these encounters, that his code was working and running entirely by itself.

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