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If children are old enough to understand, explain what these foods are, and tell them a little about the cultural background or practices that include the foods.

Your local librarian may be able to help you locate children’s books or cookbooks with pictures to share with children to help them understand about foods from different cultures.

Read more as teachers debate accommodations for students.

Suppose a child studying history has dysgraphia (learning disability in writing).

Because special educators want to help, they often try to make things easier for the child by lowering the bar with modifications and accommodations.

Special educators often erroneously believe that if a child has a disability, the child cannot learn these skills. Modifications allow us to be effective and efficient.

Decide whether or not the program can provide the foods that meet the child’s special dietary needs before agreeing to enroll that child in the child care program.

If the program cannot provide foods to meet the child's needs, ask the parents to provide meals and snacks that meet their child's needs, or refer the family to another child care program that can better accommodate their child's special diet. Cow’s milk is a problem for some infants and young children.

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