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Thus he came to recognise the other volatile possibilities concealed by this unsavoury refuse, and in 1848 patented his naphtha- lamp, long used in gipsy-caravans and country -fairs. Those were empirical days, and Professor Morgan’s picture of Dan Dawson illuminates the period. Bom in 1809 at Bradford, Eead Holliday began in 1830 to distil ammonia from gas-works liquor, and offered this new wool-cleanser to the manufacturers of Huddersfield, where he bought a strip of land on the river Colne and invited the local gas-works to dump its tar thereon. Modern civilised man lacks leisure, peace, open air, exercise and appetite. If food is loved and respected, eaten in leisure and peace, and in company and with mirth, it is capable of nourishing the body, provided it is also simple and wholesome.

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he was un- doubtedly the step-father, bis pupils includ- ing Perkin himself, and the brilliant, but ill-fated Mansfield, along with Nicholson, Hofmann, 1818-1892. 1ST- Yvitt and Griess, names which remain illus- trious in the romantic history of tills re- markable industry.

Data on Post-Glacial Climatic Changes in North-West India, By IT. This evidence may conveniently be classi- fied as follows : — (1) morainic deposits lying in an inter- mediate position between terminal moraines of the last Pleistocene glaciation and recent moraines of existing glaciers ; (2) terraces connected with post-glacial movements of valley glaciers ; (3) lake terraces or raised beaches indi- cating high water levels ; (4) data inferred from ancient chronicles and prehistoric monuments ; (5) indirect data from observations on rock engravings, pat-in ati on, etc. Eecent studies on the Pleistocene glaciation in Kashmir, which w r ere carried out by the first author and Mr. Previously already Oestreich, and especially Dainelli, had presented proof for a complete Pleistocene glacial cycle in neighbouring 2 areas, but only through recent work has it become possible to correlate the glacial and interglacial deposits of the mountainous tract with fossiliferous (mainly Upper Siwalik) formations in the adjoining foothills.

In romance and enlightenment this industry remains unrivalled, while Professor Morgan brings both attributes vividly to mind. In view of the growing interest which geologists, meteorologists and archaeologists have recent- ly shown in this problem, it seemed desirable to present our observations and to give a brief summary of the multiple evidence of subrecent climatic pulsations. Paterson, show that valley glaciers advanced five times, leaving distinct traces of moraines and glacio -fluvial outwash deposits in the valleys.

'While continental chemists have claimed tills for Hofmann, British chemists have recognised the agency of W, H. If dates alone are taken as the determining factor, the latter claim has the sounder foundation, because Perkin discovered mauve in 1856.

Professor Morgan's first appointment was in the famous Huddersfield dye-factory of Eead Holliday and Sons, and although his direct con- tact with dye-making was broken for twenty years, his interest in that branch remained ardent, and in 1915 he rendered valuable service to the war-time isomeride of his old firm, which had then been renamed British Byes. Delicately, and perhaps wisely, it does not decide the paternity of the a nilin e-dye industry.

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